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Products for swimming pools by PoloPool




Products and filtering systems by Akuaril








Antiscale Water Filters

DSF/P e DSF/GDF - Rechargeable crystal polyphosphate dosers

DSF/VT - Proportional Hidrodynamic poliphosphate dosers

RS - Recharge polyphosphate “Rilphos“

DAT - Magnetic ionic accelerators

FF - Magnetic conditioners

OHF - Directional magnetic conditioners

ADDK/C - Automatic water softener CAB monobloc

ADDK/IND - Industrial automatic softeners

MADDK - Hand operated softeners

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Antisediments Water Filters

DCN/P - Water filters with wound yarn cartridge

DCN/PMST - Water filters with synthetic multifaces cartridge

DCN/PDF/PGF - Water filters with mildew-proof polyester fibres felt cartridge

DCN/PMX/ST - Water filters with stainless steel multifaces cartridge

DCN Antisediments filter series - PDF/PDX/PDQZ/PGF/PGX/PGQZ

DCN/X/FCX - Water filters with stainless steel cartridge

DCN/PXY - Water filters with nylon/inox

DCN/PNY - Water filters with washable synthetic cartidge

DCN/QZ - Water filters with vitrified quarzite cartridge

DCN/TO/PY - Water filters with BRASS HEAD and synthetic cartridge

DCN/TO/PX - Water filters with BRASS HEAD and stainless steel cartridge

DCN/TOX - Water filters with BRASS HEAD, stainless steel bow

DCN/TXX - Water filters with STAINLESS STEEL HEAD and bowl

GDN - Water filters for middle and high flow raters

SLF - Self cleaning filters with backwash and rotative brushers

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Active Carbon Water Filters "Rilcok"

DCB - Water filters with active carbon RILCOK cartridge

D2CBN- Water filters with double action cartridge

ADCB - Automatic active carbon filters

RB/144E - Kitchen tap filters

HFK - Home filtration mobile kit


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DPT - Filtrers for drinkable water production by fossil flower anti-bacteria
SYO - Reverse osmosis membrane systems


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Spare parts

Spare parts for Akuaril water filters and softening units

Note: please, call us for series DCN/TOX and DCN/TXX spare parts quotes.

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CONT/EXT- cases for filtering units by 10’’, 7’’, 5’’, 3’’


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BluFilt - Antisediments

BFN/NY - Water filters for stopping impurities and solid with synthetic cartridge

BIK - Water filters for stopping impurities with polinylon/inox cartridge

BFN/X - Water filters for stopping impurities and solid with stainless steel

BFN/XST - Water filters with stainless steel multifaces

BFN/ST - Water filters with synthetic tissue multifaces cartridge

BFN/AUTOTYPE - selfcleanig inox cartridge


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BluFilt - Active Carbon Filters

HBFK- Home filtration mobile kit with by-pass
BFB- Water filters with active extruded carbon cartidge




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BluFilt - Sterilizers

ZeroBAKT - UV water filters (optiional Carbon filter embedded)

ZBT/RUV/K4 - BLUE FILT series combined UV-Microfiltration filter





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BluFilt - Spare parts

Quartz tubes for UV lamps protection


Spare UVG lamps



Spare parts for water filters and depurators


Holding brackets


Scale-remover liquid for boilers, pipes, etc.

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QUICK EQUIPE Descaling pumps and dosers

Code 555 QHD/5004 for industrial and residential use
Powerful and efficient pump for descaling closed hydraulic systems, with reversible flow. This product is perfect to clean and descale the internal pipes of boilers, heaters. The tank can store up to 20 litres of chemical products. Easy to carry around, the kit includes all accessories and useful tools.

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PoloPool - Filtri ed accessori per piscine

POLOSTAR swimming pool filters with diverting valve

GOLDFILT all-in-one cabinet filters with embedded pump and valve


ELEPOOL electric cabinets for pumps

POLOBRIK swimming pools borders and edges

POLOSKIMMY swimming pool skimmers

POOL ROUND nozzles and jets

POLOPRO semi-rigid flexible pipes

POOLIGHT submerged lights

POLOPOP inox stairs

POLORAP floating flexible pipes

POLOCLEAR cleaning tools and accessories

POLOCOVER covering layers

ROBOPOL automatic cleaners

CLEANPOL hydroulic cleaners

BIOPOL chemical products

POLOWALL swimming pool structural metal frames

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